This guide will show you how to register for Magic Arena tournaments from GoodGames Bern. Follow the steps described below and you can’t fail.

Step 1: Buy an Event Ticket

First you have to buy an event ticket. You can find the tickets for the upcoming events here:

The best way is to first create an account on the GoodGames Shop. When you purchase an event ticket while logged in, the Store Credit you win will be easily added to your account. Even if you cancel the event, the event ticket will be refunded to your account via Store Credit. We therefore recommend creating an account before buying the ticket.

Don’t forget to enter your Arena ID in the comments. This will save you and us work. You should also change the shipping method to „Pick up at the store“, otherwise you will pay for unnecessary shipping.

Step 2: Create a MTGMelee Account

To participate in our MTGA tournaments, you need a MTGMelee account. MTGMelee is a tournament organization website through which we manage our tournaments. You can register for MTGMelee here:

We highly recommend that you enter your MTG Arena Screen Name on MTGMelee. This makes it easier for your opponents to challenge you on MTG Arena.

We will invite you to the tournament (provided you have provided your Arena ID when you purchased your Event Ticket).

Step 3: Join the tournament

If you have registered for an MTGA tournament, you will be added to the tournament. This may take a few days. You will find the tournament on MTGMelee under the „Tournaments“ section.

Step 4: Before the tournament

90 minutes before the tournament you should check in to the tournament. To do so, you must return to the tournament under the „Tournaments“ section and confirm your presence by clicking the „Check-in“ button. You also need to upload your decklist. To do this you should open the „Player Control“ window just above the check-in button.

With the „Decklist Submission“ you can copy your decklist to MTG Arena. Alternatively, you can also submit your decklist manually.

Step 5: During the tournament

During the tournament you can check the status of the tournament under the „Player Control“. Here you can see a list of the pairings to be played and your opponents, as well as the current standing. If you have finished a round, submit the results or confirm the results your opponent submitted.

Getting help

If you need help, we are at your disposal on MTGMelee or on our Discord Server. If you are not yet using Discord, you can register here:
And via this link you can find our Discord Server:
Alternatively we can also help you on MTGMelee.