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Exciting times for Dragon Ball fans, not only will a new Dragon Ball series with DAIMA finally be released in 2024, but there is also a lot going on in the trading card game sector.

The Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game has been around for seven years now and we have now reached set 23 of the main sets. 

Now the existing game is being continued under the name Dragon Ball Super "Masters" and with Dragon Ball Super "Fusion World" there will be a reboot as well as a corresponding online client. 

In the world of "Masters", battles at the highest level await you. The game still has a die-hard fanbase, but is not exactly beginner-friendly due to its complexity and many bannings, erratas and restrictions. Nevertheless, it is pleasing for fans and collectors to hear that it is currently being continued until further notice.

The newly released "Fusion World", which comes with a digital client for which you can find codes in the booster packs to redeem online content, similar to the Pokémon trading card game, represents the reboot of the Dragonball Super trading card game. After seven years of experience and the huge success of the in-house One Piece TCG, the reboot aims to appeal to the existing Dragonball Super TCG fanbase on the one hand, but also to pick up new players and fans of other trading card games thanks to the easier entry. It is also confirmed that there will be rare and sought-after alternate art cards, similar to the One Piece TCG, which will also keep the game attractive for collectors.

Dragonball Super Fusion World Info for existing TCG players like One Piece TCG.

Very simple and well explained.

In summary, Fusion World is a fast, exciting and well thought-out trading card game that successfully combines the strengths of its predecessor and mechanics from the successful game One Piece and transfers them to the Dragonball universe.

The hype is already over 9000! 

Take a look at the beautiful card design.

All products for Dragonball Super Fusion World can be found here:

GoodGames Dragonball Super Fusion World products

All products for Dragonball Super Masters can be found here:

GoodGames Dragonball Super Masters products

Dragonball Super Fusion World products release from 16.2.24 bis 23.2.24

Demo Decks End of January in Store for free testing

Starter Decks 1-4   16.02.2024

Displays / Booster  23.02.2024

Dragonball Super Fusion World Events & Community

If you want to become part of our Dragonball Super community or simply want to be informed about events and products, you can join our Whatsapp group here.


Events All GoodGames Events

10.Februar 2024 13:30 Learn to Play Event mit Demo Decks Registration

17.Februar 2024 13:00 Prerelease Sealed Awakende Pulse Registration

22.Februar 2024 13:00 Prereleae Sealed Awakende Pulse Registration

24.Februar 2024 13:00 Celebration Event (Sealed) Registration

We will also choose a day of the week via Whatsapp Community for the Dragonball Super Weekly Day, on which we will meet weekly for a Constructed Tournament and if there is enough interest, a league can be created.

Further Infos

Official Website

Starter Deck Overview


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