Flesh and Blood Swiss Nationals 2023 at GoodGames & Stellwerk Bern


Dear Flesh and Blood Community,

On September 2 and 3, the Swiss FaB Nationals 2023 will take place in Bern at the Stellwerk Event Location right next to the GoodGames Gamestore for Day1 and direct at our Store for Day 2.

We are really looking forward to this special event and we have prepared a lot for you during the whole weekend.



3x Classic Constructed, Swiss rounds
3x Booster Draft, Swiss rounds
3x Classic Constructed, Swiss rounds


Top 8: Classic Constructed, Single Elimination (untimed)

General Main Event Infos

Event Details: https://fabtcg.com/organised-p...

List of the Qualified Players: https://fabtcg.com/organised-p...

Side Events

Friday: Super Armory Draft 19:15

Saturday: Super Armory Draft 14:00

Sunday: Pro Tour Invitational Classic Constructed 11:30

The Side Events and the PTI are open to all players!

Register for all the Events using these Links:

Find all our other Events over the weekend on our Event Calendar: https://www.goodgamesbern.ch/e...

Location and more

Stellwerk is a new Event Location next to the GoodGames store and offers a Bar and a big space that is reserved only for the Swiss Nationals this weekend. There will be a Main Event Area, a Side Event Area and Spectator Area where you can refresh with drinks and food and enjoy the Event.

Stellwerk – Stellwerk

Streaming of the Top8 and the Pro Tour Invitational on sunday will be boradcasted live on Twitch by community members.


If you need help to find a good and cheap overnight stay, contact us via Email 


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We are looking forward to seeing you for this FaB Highlight in Bern!